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RE: Early S4 (US) on the Euro Etka

... look under the 200 for the S4 and the 100 for the S6 ... the S4/S6 is
usually called out in the notes by the engine code (AAN).  If you pull down
one of the menus at thetop of the screen there is something called the "V
pages" ... or perhaps "M Pages" which has all of the option code data serial
numbers, etc (i.e. the stuff at the bottom of the fiche).  The only thing
that is a bit frustrating is that unlike the fiche, you can usually only
view the year that you had selected, so it makes it tough to follow color
codes and the like.  The other thing is that there are so many varieties of
the early-mid '90s 100 that things get a bit busy ...


> ----------
> What is the European designation for what is known as the
> early S4 ('92, '93, etc.) in the States? I'm not sure what to
> be looking for in the Euro Etka. TIA.