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This line is to thank Chris Miller for his effort in hosting the tech
day.  Nothing but a supernice guy (and a super wife) would allow a horde
of vehicles to descend on his (hers) place and proceed to spill various
engine guts and fluids (accidentally, I am sure) on his (hers)
impeccable driveway and lawn.  Not to mention the potential for dirty
looks from the neighbors.  Thanks Chris for your effort.  If I can be of
any assisstance let me know.  I owe you one.

Things accomplished:
Recirc-air flap
Alt belt tension
Lubed wiper mechanism
Checked temperature sensors
Checked timing belt

Things not accomplished
Timing belt (I did not come with a water pump and oil seal)
Change gearbox oil (bought GL5 should be GL4)
Change oxygen sensor (could not undo the sensor without removing the
Brake pad sensor light (shorted the wires by each wheel but the light is
still on)

Boston, MA
88 5ksq