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RE: Early S4 (US) on the Euro Etka

... you know I got myself a bit confused ... I was researching the
differences between the suspension on the '91 200Q Avant and the S4/S6 ...
I'm pretty sure that all of the S4/S6 info is found in the section
describing the 100 for the particular year.  Sorry for any confusion!


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> From: 	Buchholz, Steven[SMTP:Steven.Buchholz@kla-tencor.com]
> Sent: 	Monday, April 26, 1999 10:47 AM
> To: 	'DeWitt Harrison'
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> Subject: 	RE: Early S4 (US) on the Euro Etka
> ... look under the 200 for the S4 and the 100 for the S6 ... the S4/S6 is
> usually called out in the notes by the engine code (AAN).  If you pull
> down
> one of the menus at thetop of the screen there is something called the "V
> pages" ... or perhaps "M Pages" which has all of the option code data
> serial
> numbers, etc (i.e. the stuff at the bottom of the fiche).  The only thing
> that is a bit frustrating is that unlike the fiche, you can usually only
> view the year that you had selected, so it makes it tough to follow color
> codes and the like.  The other thing is that there are so many varieties
> of
> the early-mid '90s 100 that things get a bit busy ...
> HTH!
> Steve
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> > What is the European designation for what is known as the
> > early S4 ('92, '93, etc.) in the States? I'm not sure what to
> > be looking for in the Euro Etka. TIA.
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