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Re: ventilation problems with 90Q 20V

> The smell only occurs if the automatic climate
> control is heating (and it does not occur all of the time, typically if the
> engine is hot--having been run hard or for awhile).  If it is using A/C, it
> doesn't occur... Maybe it is just because the sensation of freon nullifies
> the smell.  Additionally, I don't notice it when the climate system is
> off.

Ok, so it's coming from the engine compartment.  When the heat is on, you
get fresh air from the outside sucked in.  With the a/c on (cooling mode)
or off, the flap is closed and you are recirculating inside air.

Odds are that it's a exhaust manifold leak or valve cover gasket.  You
could try cleaning your engine (steam or chemical wash or whatever) or
find an Audi expert who can pinpoint the problem.

| Dan |