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Re: Sierra coolant?

Hairy green toads from Mars made Daniel Hussey say:

>     I've talked to a few listers and many of them are using Sierra
> coolant.  It is totally phosphate free and is also not poisonous to
> pets if they accidentally drink any spillage.  I'd like to get some,
> and I've heard a lot of people talk about it, but never actually seen
> it!  Where do you people get this stuff????  Any chain auto parts
> places carry it like Pep Boys or NAPA?

I don't believe it is non-toxic, but "less" toxic. And less
sweet, so dogs aren't so tempted to lap it up. I still would
never allow Tucker near it.

>     Also, does anyone have any experience using Redline Water Wetter.
> It's an addative you add in with coolant and water and is supposed to
> increase boiling temps and reduce overall running water temp of the
> car.  Does it really work?  Any problems?  I'm interested to hear more
> about it and I know that IS available at the local Pep Boys!

I used some once, since my 100Q was starting to heat up a bit
due to it's old crusty radiator. Didn't really seem to help, but
didn't hurt either. It is a wetting agent that supposedly increases
heat transfer from the water to the radiator.

It does not increase the boiling point, just helps to dissipate
heat better.


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