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Re: 6' 3" and wants a 200TQ?

I am 6'6", and I have owned and fit great in the following Audis:
1990 200 Avant with comfort seats
1991 200 sedan with comfort seats
1991 200 sedan with sport seats

Are you lowereing the seats?  This may be a dumb question, but you may have
missed this feature on the electric adjustments.

Dave Puterbaugh
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> The first thing I noticed about my Avant when I bought it was that the
> seat was noticeably lower than my '87 5kcstq.  In the 5k, I was always
> rubbing the headliner and I'm "only" 6' 0".  I don't think I ever had
> that problem in the Avant.  Well once, but I was upside down then... just
> for a moment.  ;-(
> Ed Kellock
> Greenville, SC  USA
> 91 200q Avant
> 87 Coupe GT
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