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Re: 92 100CSQ changer (again)

I believe that AudioLink makes an adapter for your Bose system.  I am
almost certain that it does not need 4 pre-outs from an aftermarket head
unit.  That sounds like a load of b.s.  I've never heard of a head unit
with 4 pre-outs anyway.  Maybe it was 4 volt pre-outs(best type)?  If
you have the cash, junk the Bose or sell it and build a real audio
system with aftermarket equipment, but most wont do that, not very cost
effective.  Bose is very incompatible with aftermarket equipment because
Bose is odd.  Although the Bose system does sound good.  I went with
Alpine head + cd changer, Eclipse speakers all around, and a 4x40watt
A/D/S Powerplate amp for my 80, sounds great.  I looked through my
Crutchfield fitment guide and all it says is that you need an adapter,
no mention of what type.  OR  duh should have thought of this before,
get a CD changer with an FM modulator.  When you use a specific FM
channel the CD is heard.  Controls are done by a remote dash unit.

Alexander van Gerbig
The Audi 80 Pages