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5kq instrument questions

I have just purchased an '87 5000CS Quattro for a very agreable price of
$2k. I have only found one problem with it so far. The temperature guage
does not apear to work. It did work "once" on the test drive, but died
shortly after. I ran a computer test after I drove it and allowed it to warm
up and it showed the all clear 4 - 4 - 4 - 4 code. Is this a sensor that is
tested during this procedure, or is it a problem with my dash? Everything
else on the dash works great.

Also was wondering what to look for in this car as far as maintanence
issues. The car has 138k miles on it and I don't know any of its history.
Only mech. problem I've found is a bad left front wheel bearing.

Please bear with me, I am converting from the 'wonderful' world of French
engineering (I own eight Renaults) and this is my time in German seats.