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2 (easy) questions

Hello Audipro's,

  1. A friend bought a 5k nonQ recently and although he is pretty happy w/
the purchase (no major problems, runs and handles well, $600), he told me
that after the first night his battery was out.  He is electrically savvy
(is this a right way to put it?) but asked me to ask you if there are
particualr places in the electrical system he should look first.

  2. The whine from my rear is getting worse.  Once it would become
noticeable only after 30-35 mph, but now I have it earlier.  I have
scheduled a rendez-vous with one of them pricey Audi mechs in our richest
suburb for a diagnosis.  I noticed sth, though.  Once I thought the whine
was coming from the middle (rear)of the car so I suspected the differential
or it bearing.  Started yesterday I noticed making a left turn the whine
stops for the duration of the curve.  Repeated couple of times - seems
recurring.  I only have that whine when rolling,not on idle, modulating
with speed, and the left turns I am talking about were @ appr. 40 mph.


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