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Re: 5kq instrument questions

Nate -

It seems like a lot of us bought our 5kcstq's with nothing showing on
the temperature gauge. You almost certainly need a new multi-function
temperature sensor. It's a four-pronged (well, only three on the newer
ones) brass-bodied sensor that screws into the underside of the upper
coolant flange, at the front of the block. Scott Mockry's excellent site
(www.sjmautotechnik.com) even has a picture of this sensor, IIRC.

I believe list price is something like $80. You should be able to get it
from the Parts Connection (www.thepartsconnection.com) or from Linda at
Carlsen Audi (phone number on the list's web site) or others for a
little over half that.

I don't believe there is a trouble code for the MFT sensor, so it's
correct that you're seeing 4-4-4-4 from the diagnostics.

As for what else to look for in maintenance... hydraulic leaks (steering
rack, pump, hoses) are very common. I happened to buy mine with the same
mileage as yours and I needed a new clutch in short order, but they
usually last much longer than that. A stiff pedal is symptomatic of a
clutch throw-out bearing on its way out, which is the common failure

Hope you enjoy the car!

- Wallace
  '87 5kcstq 153k

Nate Stuart wrote:
> I have just purchased an '87 5000CS Quattro for a very agreable price of
> $2k. I have only found one problem with it so far. The temperature guage
> does not apear to work. It did work "once" on the test drive, but died
> shortly after. I ran a computer test after I drove it and allowed it to warm
> up and it showed the all clear 4 - 4 - 4 - 4 code. Is this a sensor that is
> tested during this procedure, or is it a problem with my dash? Everything
> else on the dash works great.
> Also was wondering what to look for in this car as far as maintanence
> issues. The car has 138k miles on it and I don't know any of its history.
> Only mech. problem I've found is a bad left front wheel bearing.
> Please bear with me, I am converting from the 'wonderful' world of French
> engineering (I own eight Renaults) and this is my time in German seats.