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Re: 2 (easy) questions

>    2. The whine from my rear is getting worse.  Once it would become
>  noticeable only after 30-35 mph, but now I have it earlier.  I have
>  scheduled a rendez-vous with one of them pricey Audi mechs in our richest
>  suburb for a diagnosis.  I noticed sth, though.  Once I thought the whine
>  was coming from the middle (rear)of the car so I suspected the differential
>  or it bearing.  Started yesterday I noticed making a left turn the whine
>  stops for the duration of the curve.  Repeated couple of times - seems
>  recurring.  I only have that whine when rolling,not on idle, modulating
>  with speed, and the left turns I am talking about were @ appr. 40 mph.

sounds like a wheel bearing to me - left front perhaps?

Huw Powell


82 Audi Coupe; 85 Coupe GT