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Re: timing quirks; and other sundry

> What year is your coupe?

the engine control systems are still 1982.

> Some of the Audi's had a Digital Idle Stabilizer that advances and retards
> the ignition timing to control the idle speed. It has a limited range that
> it can adjust with-in  (8or 9 degrees?) and if you raise  or lower the base
> idle speed enough it will sit at one end or the other of its range. If your
> car is equipped with one , the proper timing procedure is to disconnect and
> bypass it and then adjust timing, idle speed and fuel mixture.

Oh yes, the step I'm always to lazy to do... thanks for the reminder!

> I believe
> this was eliminated with the introduction of CIS-E in 1984 but I would have
> to look though my Bentley.

That idle stabiliser is one of those things I still have to trace and
figure out before I tear it off to do the CIS-E conversion... 

Huw Powell


82 Audi Coupe; 85 Coupe GT