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RE: Bosch Silver search continues

Mark Davison at Adirondack Auto Brokers HAD the Bosch Silver plugs for less
than $6 per plug a couple months ago.  You might check with him to see if he
can still order them.  Definitely worth a shot if $12/plug is the best
you've found elsewhere!  Whoa.

Best to telephone rather than email, 518/882-6534 - ask for Mark.

Good luck.

Dan Sinclair
1988 Audi 90, 69K mi.
Walla Walla, WA (soon to be San Francisco, CA).

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Locally, I've found the Silvers at one place for 11.99 a piece. I have a
set of Silvers from my old car that I'm using now. Compared to the tri
coppers, much more top end. Extremely noticeable.

Now, supposedly, they are discontinued items and the coppers (Supers) seem
to be following the same route as noone carries them in my area. Only two
shops did and they were the DTC's. I'm going to check it out, but one
place told me $3.74 a piece for DTC's. I will check in person.

Are Sivers supposed to be long life plugs like platinums? I'm thinking of
trying the Autolite Plats because they have the broad tip and they are a
$1.59 a piece at Autobarn.

I would like to use Beru Silvers (I don't know if they're different from
Silverstones), but they cost too much. More searching.
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