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Re: need UPDATE on Jamex Strut Brace Group Purchase

Peter Schulz <schulz@ed.ray.com> wrote:
> Ken/John:
> THe 20vers were making some noise on the status of the
> Jamex strut braces. I believe that below is the last message
> that went out regarding the group purchse.
> Can either of you update the status for the list?

> Subject: <send your check in> Jamex Strut Brace Group Purchase
> Date: Mon, 29 Mar 1999 09:21:01 -0700


The last email I sent out regarding this was sent yesterday, and is copied below (I realize the q-list email addy has changed, but I think it somehow got through anyway). I also sent an email to John Karasaki yesterday, asking him what the status of the group purchase is. I haven't heard back from him yet.

As far as I know, the status is that there were 16 bars in stock, and those were to go to the first on the list that had checks sent in. Unfortunately, some on the list didn't have checks sent in, and some checks that were sent in were not on the list. More bars were supposed to be produced, and those were to go to the rest of the participants.

I received my bar, but I was the first one on my list. I don't know about the other 15, although I heard of at least two that received their bars.

I'm waiting to hear from John Karasaki myself. Since I've already got an inquiry in, you may want to wait before bombarding his email (ksquaredmotorsport@eudoramail.com).

That's all I know at this point. Please send responses to auditude@impulsedata.net so that I can access them from both home or work.


From: Self
To: audi-20v@lists.emailsol.com, quattro@coimbra.ans.net
Subject: Jamex Strut Brace Group Purchase [was: Re: Procrastinator]
Send reply to: auditude@impulsedata.net
Date sent: Mon, 26 Apr 1999 16:39:06 -0700

Rngmeister@aol.com wrote:
> ON that note, what ever came of the group order of braces a while back?
> I got a confirmation that my name was on a list, but I never got
> anything about sending a check in, when, where to send it,
> NADA........Mysterious? Was I off the list that day or something?
> help
> rngmeister

That's unfortunate. I posted to the mother list and the 20v list. I
didn't send direct email to notify anyone, except for maybe one or two
that asked specifically for the status.

I forwarded the list of names to John Karasaki. I thought most people
caught the post and sent their checks in. I recall him mentioning that
some of the checks that came in weren't on the list, and some on the list
didn't send checks in.

In retrospect, a direct email via distribution list might have been better
to prevent anyone from falling through the cracks.

Who all missed the "send your checks in" post?

please send the reply to auditude@impulsedata.net