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RE: questions about buying a 1993 90S

	Yea, I clipped out your whole message.  If anyone forgot, he was
asking about the 93' 90.  Well, I say, knowing the history of Audi
Automatics I wouldn't trust it.  Wait and look for a stick.
	Secondly, why only a 90 newer than 90?  The 5-cyl is a more bullet
proof motor than the 6-cyl and the chassis is the same.  I like the looks
of the newer 90's. (They have the newer style hood).  BUt you can fine a
nice 89-90 90q in that price range.  SOmeone on the list just said they
were selling their 90 CQ for about $7k I think.  It was in the last few
days so check the archives (If they are up and running) or have someone
check their (Deleted Mail File as mine emptly automatically)
	Anyhow, If you can handle a Coupe that may be a nice one.  If not
then wait for a nice one.  But I'd stay away from the Auto.  But really, a
90q or CQ for like 7k is the way to go.

	Todd Phenneger
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	1983 ur-q / black / fixing it up
	1984 4000 quattro / modified/ awaiting Turbo Transplant.
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