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Re: v1 saves the day

the other thing that is somewhat in your favor for laser is that it isn't
a lazy cops device.  they have to see you and take a more careful bead on
your plate than point-in-the-general-direction of radar.  so you have an
opportunity to see them first, you have a few seconds while they are
aiming, and when there's traffic, you have a good chance at hiding in a
middle lanes in danger spots.  so maybe you can't get the miles-ahead
warning you do for radar, but you certainly have a chance to spot them.
now if you're the only car on the road it's not so good, but same goes for
instant on radar - you can't detect it if you're the first one he's used
it on in 5 minutes.

i recently got nailed by laser in upstate NY on a wide open piece of
highway, but i am pretty sure if i had a laser detector i would have had
at least a chance to be going slower when she got me.  every little bit

Dan Simoes wrote:

> > The "laser" part is silly...the whole idea of a laser is that it
> > doesn't spread much, and they're almost always instantaneous.  Don't
> > know the beam spread angle on laser guns, but it probably isn't more
> > than a foot or two wide at a very large distance.  By the time the
> > laser alarm goes off, you've been had...
> You can believe what you like, but I've been warned at least twice
> by someone shooting at cars as much as 50 feet ahead of me.
> | Dan |



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