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Re: Clear lenses

Watch out too, cops are out to get those with the clear lenses because
of the lack of visable light during the day while braking or signaling.
When I purchased my front signals I had looked up the prices for rear
clear lenses , they are about 400-$500!  After all that money you get a
ticket and have to put back the stock turn signals..
......not worth it!


Todd Young wrote:

> I have seen the ads for clear marker/tail lenses and thought they
> would
> look nice on the right color vehicle, but two days ago while driving
> home from work I had the oppurtunity to drive behind a Honda with
> clear
> tail light lenses. First problem, it was a dark colored car and the
> clear lenses stuck out like a sore thumb. Second problem, when she
> stepped on the brakes, I could hardly see any lights! This was a sunny
> day and all I could see were 4 points of red light where each bulb
> was,
> and they weren't very bright. I thought to myself, she's going to get
> rear ended because someone won't be able to see her brake lights. At
> night they may show up nice, but during the day, look out. I think
> I'll
> stick with my normal red lenses.
> I've seen some clear lenses that had the red lense underneath and I
> think that would be much better. The ones on this Honda were all clear
> with just red bulbs behind them. The red coating on the bulb is
> probably
> what made the lights so dim. With the red reflector behind the clear,
> and then using normal white bulbs, the light would probably be
> acceptable.
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