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Re: questions about buying a 1993 90S

Brandon Hull wrote:

> Is it just me, or do others have the opinion that the later 90's are way
> under-represented on the list?  IMHO, the V-6 is a vastly less interesting
> engine than the 20v 5, and, I believe, lower performance.

I'd have to disagree with you there. The V6 has much better HP and torque than
all but the turbo 5 cylinders. My '93 is rated at 172HP and 184 torque, only
the turbo motors can beat that. Although, if I had a Q instead of just fwd, I'd
be tempted to transplant a newer 1.8Turbo engine in.

> Cosmetically,
> however, I find the '93-on 90s the most attractive of the 80-90 series  Audi
> sedans.

There I agree, much more room in the cabin and trunk too.

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