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Re: Radiator replacement on 86 4kq

    This is a DIY job.  I did the radiator, thermostat, and hoses on my '86
4kcsq not long after I purchased it (and got the report from the local radiator
shop that repair of the leak was out of the question).  I purchased the entire
array of parts from GPR (http://www.gprparts.com/).  There are certainly other
suppliers who can assemble the parts.  If you have A/C, don't be deceived by
the A/C cooler's location on the front of the radiator.  It sits in slots and
can be lifted up off the radiator (slightly) allowing you to remove the
radiator without unbolting all the a/c cooler mounting brackets from the
radiator (BTDT).  Also, get a replacement rubber-insert mount for the bottom of
the radiator before you begin the job.  The old one came apart when I tried to
remove it from the old radiator so I had to "jury-rig" a bolt with rubber
washers to reassemble on a Sunday afternoon until I could get a replacement
part.  I also went with a cooler thermostat and have been happy with the
results.  Enjoy!!

Greg East wrote:

> The audi gods are enjoying toying with me this week. After successfully
> replacing the heater blower and the windshield washer pump on my 86 4k last
> weekend, it now appears that the radiator needs to be replaced as well.
> Questions:
> 1) Is replacing the radiator a DIY job?
> 2) Any removal/installation tips?
> 3) Any suggestions on where to buy the radiator?
> Thanks for your help.
> Greg East
> 86 4kcsq
> Loveland, CO  USA