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Re: Finally...

At 00:13 99-04-28 -0400, M G Hadden wrote:

>        My mechanic in MN (Diercks'), had an estimate written up to fix the
> What was on the estimate is "Heater programmer motor".  What is this,
>and is this the correct title? The A/C worked fine for me in Minnesota,
>but it only pushes cold air out near th windshield vents, and on the side
>vents near the radio speakers.  Now that I have the car in Florida, I
>need the A/C to work properly, it doesn't blow air through the side
>vents, or the vents above the A/C controls.  Will fixing the "programmer
>motor" fix this problem?

The only motor in the A/C (inside the "programmer", the misnamed box full
of vacuum solenoids, or separate, depending on year) controls hot/cold
mixture; the destination for the air is controlled by those solenoids
in the "programmer" which turn vacuum on and off that goes to vacuum 
actuators that move the appropriate air doors. Maybe he meant one
of the solenoids in the programmer; both broken solder connections and
malfunctioning doors seem to be common. Check for the former first;
the programmer is behind the glove box.

>Coolant Temp Sensor Gauge
>        Mine tends to rest on C for awhile, then jumps to the middle of the
>gauge, then stays there until the fan kicks on.  is this normal?  Should
>I be running cooler than this?

>From my limited understanding, I'd say the thermostat stays closed
too long; when it finally opens, there isn't enough time to cool much before the
engine gets hot enough to require the fans - though if there's more than a brief
amount of time between the needle jumping and the fan coming on, I'd
say it's also *staying* to hot for a separate reason.