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Re: 4kq sub install?

On Wed, 28 Apr 1999, Stacy Mohr wrote:

> build a custom enclosure that fires a sub (or two) up at the rear 
> shelf, and cut a hole in the rear shelf sheet metal to get more sound 
> into the cabin.  This looks to be a challange.  Any words of wisdom 
> out there?

	I have installed several competition stereo systems in 4K/coupes,
and the trunk is definitely sealed as you say.  One solution is to run the
system sans the rear speakers, leaving a pair of nice ports in the rear
deck to let sound in.  If you can't live without rear fill, then a 6x9
grill, mounted over a port/hole, in the rear deck would suffice.  You
could even cut a hole in the deck, cover it with screen, and recover the
whole rear deck with acoustically transparent carpet.  There are no really
easy answers, though...  I have built several boxes out of
bondo/fiberglass to fit in one of the wells in the corner of the trunk.
With the many subs today that fit into <1 ft3, it is a good solution for
bass with little space.
Javad Shadzi
86 coupe GT