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RE: plugging hole in H4 housing

I'm having problems with moisture getting in my left headlight.  Does anyone
have a clever way to plug the hole in the headlight housing?  Last year I
clipped the following post from the list, but the local Home Depot doesn't
Hi Kenneth -- skip the Home Depot thing. I got those after trying about
eight home improvement stores (found them at Eagle in Bellevue), and I
wasn't really impressed. (BTW, they are yellow rubber marine extension cord
outlet covers.) They didn't fit well and when I tried to enlarge the opening
for my beefed up wiring, they split. There's a better factory solution (and,
amazingly, cheaper too.) Order the following from Linda at Carlson and your
worries (for five or so minutes of Audi ownership, anyway) will be over:

2 rubber boots: PN 447941189

See ya

Tim King
Seattle WA
89 200tqw