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The most wonderful sound that I have ever heard......

Is a turbo'd I5 bursting into life after two and a half weeks of

Yesterday with the stock chip that Phil Payne sent me in my ECU the engine
wouldn't start and code 2113 was dumped. I think this is a Hall sensor
fault, and although it had aready checked out ok a couple of times I checked
out again tonight - no problems that I could find, so I reconnected
everything and tried cranking the engine again. Started on the first
revolution of the engine. Things were a bit rattley for the first few
minutes until the oil had worked around but now it sounds fine. Currently
dumping code 2221 but I know that the way that I've got the ECU mounted is
causing this.

As for what was wrong with the car in the first place, I think that it was
that well-known fault that afflicts most Audis at sometime - "B*ggered if I
know". I'm going to keep the stock chip in place for the next few weeks just
to see what happens.

Jim Haseltine