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Re: And the award goes to....

> > I just want to publicly congratulate Huw Powell on the most intriguing
> > Coupe GT I have seen to date.  I feel that character is very important
> > to have in a car, and Huw's car has PLENTY of character.  I think it
> > even ranks up there with the leapord skin interior 4Kq or my brother's
> > moo-cow interior Coupe GT.
> The headlights are cool, but I was most impressed with the
> 3 woofers visible in the rear of the car.  Whoa, get *down*,
> bro!

Dave's right, Huw, they look great, and more visible than I'd
expect... did you swap the original Coupe seatback for one
from a plain 4000?   -dq
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