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Re: oil leak update...

Huw writes:

> it does occur to me that it prety hairy
> removing most of the bolts that hold in a gasketed cast part 
> the oil pump) to do another job (the TB/WP), since they hold 
> the back TB cover on as well.

Aaargh... Hairy isn't the word for it.

I'd foolishly forgotten to put those top two bolts back in after
replacing the water pump.  When we did the leak test, I noticed no
coolant dripping.  Ah, the joy.

Then I saw oil dripping.  Joy turned to ashes in my mouth.  I said some
very hard things about the engineers in Ingolstadt and their ancestors.

I didn't want to loosen the timing belt (which would require sliding the
water pump, which would require draining the coolant, which... you get
the idea), so I tried putting those bolts back in *with the timing belt
in place.*

I dropped first one, then the other into the lower timing belt cover.  I
said some more hard things about the engineers in Ingolstadt, and even
harder things about any ancestors I might have previously missed.

My wonderful, amazing, talented, and (perhaps most important on that
day) unbelievably stubborn German engineer's-daughter wife managed not
only to dig them out of the lower timing belt cover, but she also
managed to get them threaded -- just the first half-turn or so, but the
threads were caught.  I finished the job with the requisite wrench
(think it's 11mm), hooked up the PS pump belt again, wiped off the
bottom of the engine, and did a test run.

No oil drips.  Thanks, Kim.  

 --Scott Fisher