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Re: ETKA Screen Stuffs

> Anyone know how to emulate a screen size funky enough for ETKA.  I have
> an older computer and there is no way to get my video card to do
> 1480x1200.  I was told that there is a way to fool ETKA to think I have
> that size then I can scroll around the screen using the mouse, since the
> EKTA program would extend way out of the borders of my screen.  Anyone
> have any ideas?  I run 800x600 now.

My sorta solution so far was to tell the computer I have a 1480x1200
desktop.  then the desktop is off the screen on every side but the mouse
wills croll it when you go to the edge.

sucky solution IMHO.

would much rather have some funky thing that runs in the backgorund and
shrinks ETKA to 800x600.  Or a new monitor....

Huw Powell


82 Audi Coupe; 85 Coupe GT