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Re: Alignment in SF Bay Area?

Michael Williams wrote:
> Wallace White decided to speak these words:
> >Can anyone recommend a good shop for an alignment in the San Francisco
> >Bay Area? Near Palo Alto would be best. I've been to Mathews-Carlsen
> >before, which is right behind Linda's place of business, but I'm not
> >sure that they aligned it very well. No before or after measurements,
> >either. Any suggestions? Thanks.
> You could always try M&M Audi House in Campbell.  Dont have a phone
> number though, sorry...

Yes, you could try them, like I did. The 5kcstq pulls to the right every
bit as much as it did before they aligned it. "OH, it's pulling to the
right? You didn't tell us that before. You just asked for an
alignment."  and when I asked for a refund: "We _did_ perform an
alignment and your car is within spec." They also do not own or use a
rack centering tool. I don't think I got $105 worth of service from
them. They also charged me an extra $19 to free up the tie rod adjusters
which I had liberally sprayed with Kranoil a few days before thinking I
was doing them a favor. To add icing to the cake I jacked up the car to
see what I could figure out and no sooner had the left front tire left
the ground than I discovered a bad tie rod end. I mistakenly thought
that performing an alignment involved checking for obvious problems like
that first. Man, have I got a lot to learn.