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Re: Homemade Code Jumper?

Hairy green toads from Mars made Levis-Fithian, Jeff E say:

> Is it possible to make a homemade code jumper (the white and black connector
> for the relay box) for a 95 A6Q?  My car did not come with one and when I
> phoned up the local dealer and asked if they could provide me with one and
> they acted like that was the most ridiculous thing they had ever heard.  I
> called a local Audi shop and they pretty much voiced the same opinion - "Why
> would anybody ever want to work on their own car??!!".  Anyway, it seems
> like with a couple wires and some connectors you could make one yourself.

It's easy.

I did in fact get my dealer to provide a code jumper. Try that
again, or try another dealer.

If not, all it does is connect one of the wires from the white
block to one of the wires from the black block. When I get home
with my Bentley, I can tell you which ones.


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