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Re: questions about buying a 1993 90S

On Thu, 29 Apr 1999, Chris Newbold wrote:

> True. I guess I tend to discount small oil leaks :-). The early V6s
> (1992) had problems, though it was their first year out. I think any
> motor will have problems in v1.0...

	Its to be expected. But I've also heard of problems with
pre-mature oil  consumption and ring wear on even newer 12v's like in the
A6's. Who knows.  Time will tell.

> Maybe. It would come down to preference. Try 'em both and see what
> you like.

	I like the newer better, I'm just not willing to give up the 5-cyl
to get it. :-)   Of course I'd have to turbo any 5-cyl I had. 

> I don't know. I'll bet there's some gotcha, though, in Audi fashion.