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Re: 4kq sub install?

It's true, the 4k rear package tray is smaller and odd-shaped
compared to the coupe.  If you really want to go nuts and
build a combination subwoofer and replacement package tray,
here's a suggestion.  Warning: ASCII art!  Must use non-
proportional (fixed width) font!
side-view cross section, front of car to the left
          _,-'  <--- rear package tray
 | | |  |
 | |_|  |\
 |      | \
 |      | |] <--- large speaker driver(s)
 |      | /


The idea is to create an angled "deck" to replace the
existing package tray, and attach a box to the bottom
of it with ports going up into the passenger area,
and mounting forward-firing drivers in the back of
the box.  You could put small grilles on the ports,
and it would look like you had puny 4" speakers back
there.  Stealth is good.