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Re: questions about buying a 1993 90S

On Thu, 29 Apr 1999, Eric Renneisen wrote:

> Yes, the V6 90 hood is the same as the RS2 (but different grille), 

	But I'm assuming the Grille is an easy swap then???

> and yes, the B4 hoods will fit the B3 80/90/CQ. You must also 
> change to the newer-style upper cross-brace pieces and narrower 
> headlights. Several people on the 20V list have done this. Talk 
> to Brandon Hull for more details.

	THanks.  I will do this someday when I get a 90/CQ.  I'd probably
go ahead and get the RS2 lights if I could.  Then wait on the bumper
untill I did the 20vt conversion.