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More 89 200tqw questions

Been driving the wagon for a few days now, finally. Have some more
questions; all help would be greatly appreciated.

a) Only the front speakers work. I have the Gamma stereo. None of the
manuals,  Bentley or owners, have any info about it that I can find. Is
there an amplifier in here somewhere? The left trunk storage compartment
seems to have an empty bracket in it. The dealer suggested that the
speakers were amplified, but I vaguely remember reading somewhere that
this was on the Bose system.

b) Any factory system that can plug into the connectors already in place
that can handle a CD changer with the addition of some more wires?

c) Are there supposed to be 2 antennae? The Gamma has connectors for 2,
but I can only find one cable.

d) Is there a factory alarm in this car? Dealer parts guy thought not,
but there is an alarm sticker with a picture of what looks to be a 200
sedan, so its more likely a factory sticker. How can I find it and test

The battery dies overnight, intermittantly, so there is a current draw
somewhere. Its not the battery, tried 2 different brand new Interstates.
I suspect either the stereo or the alarm. Have not yet been able to
catch it with a test light between neg and ground - always clean
whenever I've checked.

e) Based on the poor condition of the wiring on this car (i.e. corroded,
brittle etc), i am beginning to suspect it was a flood victim. If anyone
has parted out a 200 and has any wiring harness pieces lying around, I'd
appreciate them for future use.

f) Car takes about 10 cranks to start. The injector fan does not work.
Is this the obvious reason? Do I need to rebuild the injectors?

g) The right rear window is pretty sluggish. Is this a sign of a dying
motor, or does it simply need some lubing?

Thanks again for all the help. The car is slowly turning into a nice
looking and good performing car.  Very smooth under driving conditions,
1.3 bar, new brakes all around, , handbrake cables, fuel pump, a/c
compressor, all sensors, all heater hoses, most other hoses, new coolant
tank, new water pump & timing belt, all synthetic fluids, plug wires,
all filters, Zagato wheels + Yoko Avs Sport, 205-55-16. I'm glad I
bought it cheap, since I'm spending a fortune on it.

Remaining Projects for the future:
a) Get the ABS working. Already have the parts.
b) Fix the drivers door mirror. Only moves in 1 direction.
c) Fix outside temp sensor. Reads about 20-25 degress below actual temp
d) Fix seat heaters.