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Re: 5k Front plate

Hairy green toads from Mars made Bernard Littau say:

> What does one normally use to fasten a front license plate to a 5k?
> Mine came with no front plate, so there is no hardware to mount a front
> plate.  Sadly, WA requires a front plate.  There are two large holes in the
> front bumper, but one would need some kind of adapter or plate holder to
> make use of these holes..

There's an ugly little bracket/plate that bolts on to the
bumper, then the plate screw on to that. The holes you see are
to bolt on the bracket.

Most junkyards have them, as will the *gasp* dealer.

Does WA require the front plate to be DISPLAYED? NH requires
it, but only that it be in my possession. I keep it in the
trunk, pull it out ever year at instpection time.


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