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Re: V6 vs. VR6

From: Ti Kan <ti@amb.org>

> and available at lower rpms than the VW VR6 2.8.  However, the VW cars
> that the VR6 engines are found in are much lighter than the Audis.
> If it was possible to transplant an Audi V6 into a VW I think you'll
> find it to be just as lively, if not more.

This is what I have always believed, too. The B4 90 and the A6s
where you find the 12v V6 are substantially heavier than the
GTIs and Jettas where the VR6 is used.

For example, my FWD 90 tips the scales around 3200lbs, where as
my wife's Golf (4cyl, however) is something like 2800lbs...

1993 90CS 5spd 74k miles