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Re: 4kq sub install?

> > Anyone one have a good solution to install a sub in a 4kq?  Audi was
> > not thinking about stereo gear when they put the gas tank in the
> > trunk.  I just bought a bazooka rs 10 (amplified), installed it, not
> Two words:  Huw Powell

> Huw is the authority on speakers in the type 81(?) Audis, and
> would probably suggest that you replace the waferboard with
> wood, and you could put a pair of 8" woofers back there that
> use the entire trunk as their enclosure.

> also it will help to amp up the mids and perhaps get
> mids you can xover lower to help win back some bass
> response.  huw?

no pressure there to repond, eh?  at least everyone can spell my name...

Anyway, I think I've addressed the coupe chassis pretty heavily on my
web site.

The 4kq... since I am about to acquire an '84, for parts I guess,
tomorrow, I will have a chance to see how much more difficult the sheet
metal is to work with back there.

As mentioned, i am a big proponent of putting in 3/4" plywood in order
to get decent sound in a car.

Also, when i get my car painted (irl, not photoshop!) i will be pulling
the rear board which will give me a chance to take some good photos of
it for my web site.

Huw Powell


82 Audi Coupe; 85 Coupe GT