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After run fans & water pump

I am not sure if the after run cooling system on my 87 5kcsq is working.  I
have not heard any fan, injector or radiator, come on after parking the car
since I got it about a month ago.  The turbo water pump is currently
bypassed and I would like to find out if it works at all. I suspect it is
bypassed because one of the pump fittings is cracked.  I have tried the
suggestions on Scott Mockry's page to no avail.  I crossed the temp sensor
wires to try and get something to run but all is quiet.  I swapped the
afterrun relay with another from a junk car, no fans or pump.  I tried
swapping the fuel pump relay, no fan or pump.  I even tried swapping a low
speed relay and still no pump.  The fuse is good and I do not know what to
try next.  Any ideas?