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Re: I5 20V vs. V6 12V

Todd Young writes:
 > Brian Powell wrote:
 > >
 > > IMHO, the VW-type gearing on the 90 20V sucks (primarily 2nd gear);
 > > furthermore, I believe it hinders the 20V engine.  In my V6's, I can get to
 > > 60mph in 2nd gear (redlined, of course).
 > Yeah, I get a laugh out of this, I can break the speed limit in some areas in
 > second gear! :-)

Wow, that was a weird second when I saw your message in the inbox.  I had
an uncle, Todd Young, who passed away a couple of years ago...

Yes, that is (to me) the major difference to me between the two cars.  I
drive around town mostly in second...  It's the same with the Porsche clan,
they stick to second around the city blocks.

Enjoy that 90S, I enjoyed mine!