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RE: Uh Oh It's Bent

Frame (uni-body) straightening techniques and equipment have improved
immensely in the last six or so years.  A good shop in a big city will be
able to straighten your problem out, unless your cars looking like poor
Jordan's http://www.enter.net/~bloss/vw/turner/

All is not lost!


1990 200TQ 10V

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> Subject: Uh Oh It's Bent
> To all those that helped me at the NE Tech session I have some bad news.
> My Audi may have to be parted out.  The poor 80 possibly has a bent frame.
> I hate to speculate before the autobody shop checks it, but I have a
> sinking feeling in my gut about this.  The car had been in a 7500 dollar
> head on accident 6 years ago and has always mildly drifted to the right on
> the highway since I bought her 2 years ago.  Hopefully I bent the steering
> knuckle or something, but who knows at this point.  I'm afraid to ask, I
> love that damn car.  So far the control arms, struts, strut bearings, and
> tierod look fine.  What other parts besides the steering knuckle and the
> frame could be bent?  And if the frame is bent what should I do?  Also how
> much would a new steering knuckle be?  I'm on the verge of tears over
> here.
> Thank you,
> Alexander van Gerbig(sobbing)
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