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Re: Vehicle importation :(

Greg Herrmann wrote:
> I did a search at the DOT and found the following info.  I am still unclear
> as to whether the 81-85 URq can be imported. 

Any car that was imported (model and year) by the manufacuter - in
US/DOT trim - can be imported without contributing the equivalent of the
USA's foreign debt.  This would seem to mean that  83-85 URqs are
eligible.  The issue is bringing the car up to US specs; which can be a
nightmare and cost a bundle must be certified by one of the DOT/EPA
approved companies on the HNTSA site - you _have_ to make a prior
contract with the company doing the conversion to DOT/EPA specs prior to
importing the car.

Here's another link with more info:


Good luck,
MJ Murphy