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Gas Overflow Problem on 97 A4 2.8 Quattro

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'97 A4 1.8Tq + extras

RE: Gas Overflow Problem on 97 A4 2.8 Quattro

I have had two instances whereby my fuel line overflow
emitted quite alot of fuel on my 97 A4 2.8 Quattro.  The
first time was at Thunderhill while at the Quattro Club
Safety/Driving Seminar in January...the second time was
at the Las Vegas/Pahrump Quattro Club Safety/Driving
Seminar.  Here is what happens.  I fill up the gas tank
since we will be running hard all day, and I don't want
to have to run down to the gas station at lunch break
to get more gas.  So I fill it ...hitting the gas handle
a few extra squirts just to make it an even number on
the pump.  I drive over 6-7 miles to the Thunderhill
track..and about 5 miles to the Pahrump Track.  The car
sits for about an hour.  I finally get to go on track.
The session is about 25 minutes in length.  I get back
in the paddock area and park the car.  As I get out
both times, someone notices something leaking from 
underneath my car.  We determine it is gasoline. We
track the overflow tube under the car...at the side
of the chassis, up to the fender well, through the wall
into the engine compartment, past the airbox to the
gas line.  

I have now taken it to the dealer 4 times...trying to
duplicate or rectify this situation.  In each time they
cannot replicate the issue.  They emptied the tank, 
refilled it...changed the fuel sending unit...reset
the guage to reflect the correct setting. (BTW, that
was another thing that is off...the tank was reading
about 1/3 to 1/2 low...when the gas was showing BELOW
the E of empty..it still had about 80-90 miles left
on the tank.)  If it matters I have a 12V engine.

I am thinking that the track escapades schoshed the
gas around..it went into overflow mode...went into the
charcoal canister..got blocked somehow..and went out
the overflow instead.

In case anyone is wondering...the temperature did not
vary considerably from the time I filled up the tank...to
the time that I ran the car.

Any suggestions?

I almost had a heart attack when I saw someone discard
a cigarette on the roadway and it seemed to go near or
close to under my car...Whew!


Steve Sherwood 
NorCal A4 Owners Club