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'92 100 strut screw-in


I just bought my first C4 100, a 1992 100CSQ Wagon --- great car! I also
just bought via mailorder some Bilstein strut insert replacements to
shore up the handling on this middle-aged 100. But when I took it in for
service and strut installation, I was informed that the Bilstein's have
threads on the "gland nuts" (caps) on the inside (like a bottle cap),
whereas I need nuts that have threads on the *outside* for the 100.

Not ever replacing struts on an Audi, I was confused. So far, I have
Bilstein telling me one thing (I've got the right strut gear) and
Carlsen Audi another (get different threads for the cap)

This must be a quick question: what caps does one need on a stock (at
least I think it's completely OE) 92 100Q? Sorry if this has been Asked
& Answered... I'm lost while the search engine on the new audifans.com
site is still down!


Tim Hoffman
'94 90S (original owner)
'92 100CSQW
(my first car: '73 100LS :o)