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Its runs, but its not happy - sickly Ur quattro

Would anybody care to confirm or dispute my thinking here?

I took the quattro out for a run this morning while the roads were quiet. It
appears to run ok when moving but it doesn't seem to idle properly. It revs
very low and every so often drops down almost to a stall before the ISV
pulls it back up. Once its warm there are alot more fumes from the exhaust
than I'm used to seeing so I'm tending towards the thought that the mixture
isn't right. Its always been rich at low revs but now I think that it seems
to be richer.
This is reneforced by the effect of clamping the breather pipe to the air
meter dome - when I do this the exhaust produces a smoke-screen that James
Bond wouldn't be ashamed of. I've got a long 3mm allen key (part of a
Stromborg carb setting tool) but it won't grip on anything in the mixture
adjustment hole, from the state of the tip of it I suspect that there's
several years of oil/road grit/general rubbish in there.
As tomorrow I have the fun job of lifting the fuel metering head out because
I've dropped a 1/4 inch 10mm socket behind it, is the mixture adjustment
screw easy to get to without having to dismantle the whole unit?

Jim Haseltine