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[Fwd: S4 wheels on '89 200?]

Dan, please post this to the list.
Igor Kessel
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Daniel Hussey wrote:

Will the S4 wheels fit on an '89 200TQ (not lowered)?  I know
someone selling a set of S4 wheels.  I like the design and I
also like the fact that they are 16".  If they fit my car, 
I'd like to get them.  Does anyone know if they will fit?
Yes or no answers please.  I got 2 different answers
from several people last time and no one knew for sure.

I do. The answer is no. BTDT. 
I've actually tried them on my '89 200TQ and they did not clear the rear
fenders by a laaarge margin.

Your wheels are 6x15, ET 45, 205mm wide.
S4 has 8x16, ET 35, 225 wide.
Simple calculations show that the sidewall will be thrown outwards by

You can always try to flare the fenders, but that's a very risky
project. I was successful, but I ran the mild 205/55 on 7.5x16, ET38
combo. The 225/50 on 7.5x16, ET35 combo did not clear the rear fenders
even after flaring.

Igor Kessel
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