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RE: Spark Plug # for MC

I used the NGK BP6ET's and they worked well for 10k miles. Decided to try
something different, and, although everyone claims the Bosch platinum W7DP
don't work, I went with the new Bosch Platinum Plus 4. I think the # was
4477, but I'll have to go back and look. These plugs seem to work well,
though I'll have to see how long they last.

Gary Kaklikian
86 5kcstq
86 4kcstq (almost)

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Subject: Spark Plug # for MC

Good Day all,
	I want to do new plugs in the Ur-q with a MC engine this weekend and

I know that this was dicussed last month but the search engine does not seem

to be up and going yet. What plugs are recomended?  Thanks.

Jim Hahn