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Re: Blown turbo? - not a pun...

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From: Phil Payne <quk@isham-research.demon.co.uk>
>Take care with the word 'axle' - play is described as 'axial', or along
>the axis of rotation, and 'radial' - at 90 degrees to it.  It sounds
>like you have severe radial play.  Would you like me to dig out the
>specifications?  It's a clamped dial gauge job.
Nope, its not worth it - from the little that I know about turbos and from
what I've read this one has gone. The unit has huge play, both axial and
radial. This shouldn't surprise me, the previous owner was mostly interested
in how loud his stereo would go.....

>The L-shaped hose that goes around from the cam cover to the air mass
>sensor plenum has a nasty habit of fraying through on a tie-wrap
>behind the head.
Thats one of the soft places.

>Also - the multi-way breather junction on
>top of the cam cover spilts underneath at the rear.
Done this one last year - but knowing that this is no guarentee I checked it
again its ok.

>Someone's been turning your mixture screw with a long flat-blade
>screwdriver.  This is a characteristic habit of John Coughtrie's - has
>he ever been near your car?
Not since I've had it, but it lived in the Stockton-on-Tees/Durham area
until about 9 months before I got it. In those 9 months it ended up at with
a dealer somewhere in Birmingham and then moved to Leeds.

Jim Haseltine