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fuse box conversion data

i am in the middle of deciphering *exactly* what needs to be done to
swap the underhood fuse box into an early 80's 4k/cgt.  have awkward
.xls file listing all the pinouts (except for the '84 page I am
missing!).  have dry erase board with what looks like a street map of
Amsterdam tracing all the internal connections in the 84-87 fuse box. 
Gonna put that junk into a Visio file to make sense of it.

I am thinking that between the unused relay slots, the unused upshift
relay slot, and the two "obsolete" (read AC deleted!) AC relay slots, I
might be able to do it without even using the auxiliary relay panel
under the dash.

not sure how I'm gonna share this, or if anyone cares.

I know visio files don;t translate well to .gifs, if anyone has a
suggestion of software to use to diagram the inside (and outside) of the
fuse box that will convert to a web-able format readily, let me know
(and where to go to steal it!)

Luckily at least 3/4 of the wires are the same color and do the same

btw, the preliminary advice I have to offer is: if you are thinking of
doing this, you're crazy.

Huw Powell


82 Audi Coupe; 84 4kq; 85 Coupe GT