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Should we drop the digest? No.

Phil asked:
> But - is the digest itself actually part of the problem?

I find the digest the best way for me to manage information. I'm on an
A2_16v list as well as local club lists.

Premature posting without reading the digests might attribute to some
redundant posts... but wouldn't the same happen to those who have 140
posts stacked up in the 'inbox'?

There are other WOB that can be addressed:
Posts from people which have little to no experience. 

Blind quoters... those who 'me too!' to a 10k post and send the message
back to the list unedited.

How about those htm-m!me posts? Add a quote and its like getting 4
messages and getting the content of 1.

Finally- sigs.
Its ok to have a sig with your car, but your car, your family's cars,
the car's you have owned since 14, the model T your pappy owned, your
home address, work address, home phone, pager, work number and fax as
well as several quotes from dead people or movies...
That can add up...

OK, I vented. I didn't point this post toward anyone in particular. I
love the list- I just wish I knew more about my cars to be able to help
others in need.

Keep the digest.

(praying to God that I don't send m!me junk!!!)