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Re: Constant Velocity Boots

I (and I'm sure, many others) would strongly suggest avoiding any
kind of split boot. Anecdotal evidence (*lots* of it) suggests
this is a poor band-aid. Compared to many other Audi repairs (087
auto box, anything involving Pentosin), the CVs are among the most
straightforward parts on the car, and not horrendously expensive.
Also, having had an inner one let go on a Chrysler (callow youth)
I never would scrimp in this area...
My $.02,

Curry, Rene wrote:

> I have a cracked CV boot that will soon be totally separated.
> Does anyone sell a split boot that can be put on without
> pulling the CV joint/axle assembly?
> By the way I installed new fuel injectors this past weekend,
> what an improvement in starting and crisper throttle response.
> Rene Curry
> Grosse Ile, MI
> 84 5KST