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Rene's CV Joint boots

Rene, and the list. There are split boot kits available, but ease of use
and success of installation are questionable. Many types require a level
of cleanliness difficult to attain in the real world that exists under
the car. Some are just cheap and don't last long.
The Lobro or Meistersatz kits offer a long lasting product that requires
about an half hour to 45 minutes to install with some experience. Most
listers with some mechanical experience could do it on the ground in a
couple of hours, given a few special tools. For a one time deal, I
recommend you use a competent VW or Audi specialty shop. It should cost
only an extra quarter hour to do both on one side. It would be wise to
thoroughly clean and inspect the joint at the same time, and replace it
if it is damaged. In my experience, a rebuilt axle is trading one
problem for another. Do it right, do it once.
HTH, John