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Re: Should we drop the digest?

Hi All,

I, for one, really appreciate the digest version.  I would be unable to 
participate and take advantage of the list if I had to filter through every 
email.  The digest version is perfect as I can quickly read the topics to 
determine if there is anything that I can be of assistance with.  If so, I 
can download the digest, and knowing approximately where the information is, 
I quickly scroll down to the question.  If I can help, I quickly send an 

There are many times I find that none of the subjects apply to me in either a 
need basis or a help basis, so I don't have to download the file (talk about 
saving BW)!

Anyway, I love the list and the help all of you provide.  And for sake of the 
tally, throw my hat in the "keep the digest" circle.

Justin Bowers
90 V8q